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What you should know about the technological trends that will transform companies in 2020

December 24, 2019

We give you a few solutions so that the beginning of the new decade does not leave you transposed.

In just one month, a decade will end in which technology, from the rise of streaming to the invasion of apps, has marked the way we live. And also the essence of our business. Whether SMEs or large corporations, companies must keep up to date with all the technological innovations that appear in the market and know which of them should be adopted as soon as possible to continue being competitive in a constantly changing environment. Now, being on the crest of the wave is not easy. Access to certain resources is not available to any company, but we have the best advice not to get lost in the reality that awaits us from 2020.

We explore all those trends that will make a difference next year in the business world, those that you need to have controlled in order to react in time and not be left behind in the consolidation of new structures and processes that your company needs. As we will see, most of them are based on the concepts (such as cloud or digitization) that have marked the decade of 2010 to go a step further in hyper modernization.

Hand in hand with NOW, the software factory that is revolutionizing business information systems and the only Spanish company that develops a suite of business management products (REP, CM, SAG, and MP, PEWS or PEWS terminal) and a powerful Low Code Platform, we tell you how to get the competitive advantage for next year in eight essential solutions.


It is impossible to think about the business world of the 21st century without the cloud. Each company has to find as soon as possible the most comfortable way, according to their needs and objectives, to work collectively in a cloud system. In 2020 there will be no excuses so that the company’s data and materials are not accessible to all its workers from anywhere in the world, not just in the office. We cannot depend on hard drives and cards: accessibility and integration should be our mantras from now on. Thus, it will be much easier to handle workloads according to the scenario that is presented.


You still don’t know what this concept means? It’s time for you to find out: Baas (literally, everything as a service) is a support system for companies that need solutions in different areas, from software Until storage. In a dizzying pace of work that does not let you think about long-term plans, this external service dedicated to information technologies (IT) especially dedicated to companies helps advance on issues such as, for example, the digitization of physical documents . There is no doubt that the business world is increasingly moving towards a Xmas model, where technological needs can be resolved through the Internet in the easiest way possible. The secret to modernizing your business structures is in this rising trend.

NOW they offer various options that will make your life (and work) easier according to what you are looking for and the profile of your company. On the one hand there is NOW one, a 100% cloud product which responds to the needs of micro and SMEs, while NOW Express is aimed at small and medium enterprises and NOW Enterprise oriented to medium and large companies.


It is no mystery: the world is increasingly purely technological. Automation is already transverse for any business organization, with the aim of optimizing the efficiency of its operation, storage and services with the client. In the coming years, this will be more important than ever. And, beware, more sophisticated than ever. The RPA (Robot Process Automation) will end up falling behind in favor of much more modern solutions that will flirt even with Artificial Intelligence (which we will talk about later).


Stay with this concept, because it will be an upward trend in the coming years. Low-Code platforms allow applications to be developed in an easier and faster way, considerably reducing manual programming work. This is the case of NOW flexion, a perfect example of these systems, which allows the agile development of web and mobile applications with continuous deployment technology and Develops philosophy. Committed to cyber security and constantly updated, flexion shows us the Low-Code possibilities at its best to make the app of your company deploys its full potential. In addition, it now comes with surprise: they have organized the first nationwide competition for applications and modules development on flexion, with more than 45,000 euros in prizes.


Technological advances not only force us to transform our companies, but also transform users. Perhaps a decade ago a person was satisfied with receiving that shirt that he had bought online in a reasonable time and from the hand of the mailman, but more and more buyers are looking for the emotion of the service. The surprise, the quality beyond what is expected of a messaging system (or any other type). That is, multi experience is sought through the five senses, where efficiency is no longer important, but also the added value and improvement of the User Experience (cc). What if it was a drone who took you a package home? What if there was a voice assistant taking note of your dinner at home? All those little details that make a management a unique experience are the ones that will matter in the face of 2020.


There will be no future without Artificial Intelligence. It is, today, the most promising expansion in the technological world, with a future full of possibilities for individuals and companies. It will continue to be a fundamental element in the coming years, enhancing the interconnection between all types of devices and the improvement of customer multi experience. What should we consider? As always, in cyber security: with such innovative and invasive technologies, you have to be very careful and be prepared to defend against possible attackers in the cloud. The technical teams of companies should undoubtedly focus on this aspect while continuing to explore all the ways to take advantage of it within the framework of their business.


No doubt we have noticed that, despite the many advantages offered by the technological solutions of our time, many customers still have reservations when it comes to managing their lives (and, above all, their money) through the cloud. The crisis of confidence is a reality, and the only solution is to invest all efforts and resources in our hands to ensure the cyber security of our processes and tools, accompanied by a strategy of total transparency. We talk about protecting the privacy of our clients’ data, explaining how Artificial Intelligence systems work, allowing tractability of our shipments and, above all, working with a transparent digital ethic. As highlighted in NOW, there are six key elements in this aspect: integrity, transparency, responsibility, competence,


If there is something we should never forget among such technological euphoria, it is that the human factor will always be an essential part of a company, whether in or out. This latest trend on our list focuses on how technology can intensify the physical and cognitive experiences of humans, using portable devices to improve the safety of their workers or to increase their productivity, depending on the context. In short, we must not forget that behind all technological advances there are people who make them possible.