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What rights do I have as a company worker?

January 16, 2020
What rights do I have as a company worker
Unfortunately, in the current times, companies increasingly respect workers’ rights, but what rights do workers in a company have? To answer this question, this article will be very useful. In addition, it can be used to report a violation of rights if you are a worker, in the same way, that an entrepreneur can avoid breaking them. For this, we tell you what rights you have as a company worker.

Steps to follow:

1. Workers have the right to the effective occupation, that is, to have a useful job that does not diminish their dignity. Another right of workers is respect for their privacy and to duly consider their dignity.

This translates into the non-obligation and the possibility of denial by the worker to do certain tasks that may affect the dignity of the worker.

2. Workers also have the right to promotion and professional training at work, in order to favor their greater employability. All workers allocate a portion of their Social Security withholding to a training item that can be used through the bonus courses offered by the State itself.

3. Another right is that of not being directly or indirectly discriminated against because of sex, marital status, age, racial or ethnic origin, social status, religion or belief, political ideas, sexual orientation, union membership, or language. In case of any indication of such discrimination, it is advisable to report it quickly to prevent it from increasing.

4. There is also the right to the physical integrity of the worker and to the application of an adequate health and safety policy. The company must cover standards of cleanliness and safety to be able to develop professional activity without problems.

5. Another basic right of workers focuses on the right to free unionization, that is, the possibility and ability to collectively negotiate improvements for the company’s workers as a whole and even strike if it is convenient. In addition, a worker must always have the right to information, consultation, and participation in the company, which increases collective power.

6. Workers also have the right to promptly receive the agreed remuneration, that is, the corresponding salary on the agreed date. The repetitive violation of this right is reportable and the State itself has a public fund to cover part of the salary unpaid to workers.

7. There are other rights that can be established in the contract and in the specific agreement of each worker. These rights will also have to be respected in the same way as generals.

8. Finally, for more information on workers ‘rights, you can consult the workers’ statute.



  • For more information and to resolve possible doubts, contact your trusted labor adviser or the corresponding union.