What is success – Compilation of great phrases?


One of the things we all look for in life is “success”, personal, professional, social … In theory, being successful brings us closer to happiness because it makes us raise our self-esteem, it makes us feel better. In this article we will put some definitions of great characters saying to them that it is success. Which do you agree with most? Which phrase about success do you think is more accurate?

Success according to Ralph Waldo Emerson

Laugh a lot; gain respect for intelligent people and the appreciation of children; win the approval of honest critics and overcome the betrayal of false friends; appreciate beauty; find the best inside others; give everything of oneself; leave the world a little better, whether it was having a healthy child, gardening or redeeming your social status; to have played and laughed with enthusiasm, and sung with joy; knowing that at least someone has breathed more easily because you have lived – this is having succeeded.

Success – not luck

In true success, luck has nothing to do with it; Luck is for the improvised and exploited; and success is the forced result of perseverance, responsibility, effort, organization and balance between reason and heart.

The origin of the word success

The word success comes from the Hebrew “shekel” which means “weight” or influence. Is it that when a person is successful, they acquire the ability to influence the people around them? It is likely that yes, as others can see it as an inspiration, as a role model, so that success as well as being sweet, should include the responsibility of positively influencing others, and the obligation to contribute to have a better world.

Success according to some thinkers

  • If A is success in life, then A = X + Y + Z. Where X is work, Y is pleasure and Z is keeping your mouth shut – Albert Einstein
  • The secret of success in the life of a man is to prepare to take advantage of the occasion when it presents itself. – Benjamin Disraeli
  • Success is peace of mind, it is the self-satisfaction of knowing that you do your best to become the best you are able to be – Wooden.

Conclusion about what success is

Whatever you fight for, strive for, any goal or achievement, will only make sense if there is something deeper behind, something that makes you grow as a person that brings something, be it to you, to others, to the world. It doesn’t have to be something big; it may be a small step, but if it is not empty of content. What is success, maybe only you know that success is clear that each has a different view of it.