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What are the work benefits of a worker?

December 24, 2019

The question will always be there: If I worked at another company, would it have more benefits than the one I am currently employed in? The truth is that in all companies the labor benefits of workers must be contemplated, which includes the Labor Law. We teach you what are the work benefits to which every worker is entitled.


The work day can be day, night or mixed. The working day is established at the time the employment contract is signed and cannot be modified until another contract is drawn up.


For every six days of work, the employee can enjoy a day off and, obviously, that day will be paid as if you were at work.


Every worker has the right to a well-deserved rest and, obviously, during that period, he will continue to receive a salary. Employees who have completed a work year will be entitled to a month of vacation and those who have not reached the year, the period will be proportional to the time they have been working for the company.

Pay extra

Employees will charge two extra annual payments, which will be in summer and Christmas. The extra payments are at least 25% of the salary paid by the worker.

Other benefits

In order to keep workers happy and with good self-esteem, in some companies other benefits are granted to workers , such as vouchers for gas or food, medical expenses insurance, additional rest days, study grants, bonuses for productivity and medical exams, among others.