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How to speak with conviction

December 29, 2019
How to speak with conviction

Speaking with conviction implies expressing oneself in an authentic and meaningful way so that listeners are able to understand the message and the sincerity of communication. Talking with conviction makes it easier to persuade people, since they are more likely to agree with an opinion or take special action if they trust the messenger. Different people can use strategic communication techniques to learn to speak with conviction.

Steps to follow:

1.You must believe in the message you are communicating. If this is not possible, because for example, someone has assigned you the topic of a speech or you are participating in a debate, rehearse until you can convince others that you really believe in what you are saying.

2.Use proper body language and make hand gestures when speaking. Try not to cross your arms or look down as these movements will make you seem less safe and accessible.

3.Look in the eyes every time you talk to them. If often, if you look away from your listeners, they can take this as a sign that you are not sincere.

4.Project the voice, state your words and use declarative sentences when speaking. People will have confidence more easily if you speak with confidence.

5.Make sure your audience has received the message you intend to convey. If necessary, provide more information to clarify your points.


  • Watch videos of people who speak with conviction. Barack Obama is a good example.
  • Practice in front of acquaintances, speaking with conviction in public is a gift that is acquired through practice.