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How to set the price of my house

November 21, 2019
How to set the price of my house

If you are interested in selling a flat or a house, you should set a reasonable and fair initial price. Being able to calculate the price of a house can be used to assess whether to move to a new home or stay in the current one. To be able to do it correctly, you have to follow a series of steps that we will detail below. Here we tell you all the details about how to set the price of my house.

Steps to follow:

1. The first step would be to compare the prices of more or less similar homes that are in the same area.

2. Secondly, different factors that have an influence on the price would have to be assessed, such as the internal state in which the house is located, the orientation, the height, if there are communal areas, etc.

3. To take into account an indicative value, we can start from the receipt of the Real Estate Tax, although it is usually a much lower value than the market price.

4. Another possibility to have an approximate idea of ​​the value of the house or apartment would be to go to a real estate agent who had a great knowledge of the area. Although we would have to take into account that its valuation will be on the rise.

5. Another option that fits the real value quite a bit would be to use the appraised value of the house or flat.

6. To finish calculating the final value of the home, you should never add a percentage to the purchase price of the house or apartment.

7. Once the final price of the house has been calculated, it is not advisable to increase this price in order to obtain capital gains.