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How to report workplace harassment

January 28, 2020
How to report workplace harassment

Faced with a work mobbing situation, every employee should know that he has tools to report this type of harassment. This is a series of legal actions that will protect the employee and help him defend his rights. We show you how to report workplace harassment.

Steps to follow:

1.When the worker is aware that he is being harassed in his job, the first thing he has to do is contact professionals. You should therefore go to a doctor or psychologist to discuss your case and to neutralize or mitigate the effects of this harassment.

2.After this step, the worker must present the facts to the Health and Safety Committee of his company. In the event that it does not have this department, you should contact the legal representative of the workers. This will start an investigation.

3.Before reporting workplace harassment legally, the worker must inform the company. It must be done in writing so that it is recorded, the worker remaining a copy stating the receipt of your company.

4.From that moment, all meetings that are held with the company or its representatives must be held in the presence of the legal or union adviser of the harassed employee.

5.Following these steps, several legal measures can be taken to report the situation. For example, there is the administrative route, through labor inspection. For this we must file a complaint with the administrative service. This complaint must be very complete, thus adding all relevant data (chronological, names, facts of the harassment, etc.).

6.In addition, we can also report labor mobbing through court. For this, it is better to be well advised by a lawyer, because in these cases the trials are usually complex.

7.Public workers can also report a situation of workplace harassment through administrative litigation.

8.Also, in the event that the harassment had caused an illness to the victim who is unable to work, he has the right to have Social Security recognize a corresponding pension. At this point it is essential to provide medical reports.