How to remove an Ad words campaign


Advertising in Google Ad words is one of the main fields of online marketing. Companies around the world use this Internet giant tool to advertise in their search engine and get many more visits to their web pages. In this article we explain in a simple way how to remove an Ad words campaign.

Steps to follow:

1.Once you enter your username and password at ad, click on the ‘ Campaigns ‘ tab to see all the ones you’ve created so far.

2.Select the campaign or campaigns you want to delete. You also have the option to pause them momentarily, without having to eliminate them completely. So you can reactivate them when it suits you without creating a new one from scratch.

3.Click on the ‘ Edit ‘ tab on the right and choose the ‘ Deleted ‘ option to delete the campaign. If you select more than one campaign, all those marked at that time will be deleted. The same applies to change the status to on or Paused.