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How to prepare a marketing plan

February 14, 2020

The marketing plans are very useful both for SMEs and for large companies. These documents, which are usually prepared at the time of the creation of a company, serve as a road map to know which direction the company has to take to promote its activity, its products, and, ultimately, attract customers. The following article of a How are detail the main steps that every marketing plan should contain.

Steps to follow:

1. To Arrange a good marketing plan it is necessary to first know what the situation of the company and its environment is. That is, analyze where the activity sector in which you focus tends, what is the economic situation of the profile of the client you are going to, what product is going to be launch, and how the competition is.

2. Once a market study has been carried out specifying all the points mentioned in the previous section, some objectives have to be set. What do you want to achieve? Who do you intend to address, that is, who is the target audience? What will you do to achieve those goals? If you can’t think of anything firsthand, think and see what the audience does. Nowadays, for example, it is not only enough to make offers of the products, but it is essential to have an Internet presence and constant contact with the consumer.

3. When the objectives are pursued. It is when the company must take action and choose what actions it will launch to attract its target audience. Such actions could be, for example, launching advertising on search engines, performing web positioning actions, energizing the company on social networks, making a corporate video, or introducing improvements to the company’s website.

4.If you opt for the option to create or improve the website that the business already has, keep in mind. That you should have it updated. One of the failures that the managers of the companies commit is to bet on the jump to the digital divide but not to update the corporate blog, the web, or the social networks periodically.

5. The marketing plan must also include a strategy for measuring and controlling the results of the different actions that have been previously raised. On the Internet. It is easy to measure and control these results since blogs, websites, and social networks have audience measurement systems. A number of times what is  share on the Internet, and, for example. You can check the positioning of the company in search engines like ‘Google’.

6. If any of the above actions do not work. The company must always leave the door open for review of the marketing plan proposed. The control of the visibility of the actions carry out can help the company to realize. Which aspects should be enhance more because they are well receive by the public and which ones should be reconsider.