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How to make good proposals for customers

October 10, 2019
How to make good proposals for customers

Getting a new client is an incredible feeling, a wave of emotion, a feeling of relief, and the understanding that hard work is starting to get its reward. But to get to this point, it is not easy and you have to go through many meetings, calls and above all for a key aspect, sending proposals. Depending on the size of the client, you will spend a great deal of time and resources perfecting your proposal so that they are irresistible. For this reason it is so important to have a good technique in the elaboration of proposals, and for this this article so that you follow a series of guidelines that will help you to make better proposals.

Steps to follow:

1.Do not use the short stick. When writing many proposals it can happen that there is a certain overlap between them, especially when it is the same service. Some sections of the proposal could be similar. But you should never cut and paste a proposal and enter the name of the new potential customer. This is very typical of professionals of low level, little structure and little experience. It is clearly a very clear and obvious reason not to hire your project.

2.Do not use generic recommendations. The proposal must add value, you must escape the use of very generic words and concepts that could be worth to any company in the sector. Avoid phrases like these: “Phase one, research. The second stage, a test / B. The third phase, optimize.” It is important to highlight, say things other than obvious.

3.Think like the customer. Try to think like the customer. What do you really want? Why are you looking for a provider? Did you have problems with your previous provider? During the initial calls, these are the types of questions you should ask yourself. It will give you great insight as to how you should launch your services. It is important that you put yourself in the client’s shoes and consider what you need.

4.Being specific helps. Being detailed in the proposal, entering into valuing and proposing specific and specific aspects are important since they convey that you know the project, the client and what your value proposition is. Service companies are based on ideas. Many times, it is the only thing that can be distinguished from its competitors. Do not be afraid to give ideas, to transmit what you know, it doesn’t matter if they copy you, if in the end you don’t get the account.

5.Success stories. Success studies are the best friend of a service company. They provide social proof for the potential client. We understand that the projects that you have already done and have worked are the best guarantee for new clients to give you their trust.

6.Design a story. Use the presentation slides to write a story for the client. Do not just send slides without any clear objective, you must propose a story, a rhythm so that the proposal is dynamic and pleasant to read.

7.Direct the presentation to who can decide. It is as important to make a good proposal as the proposal is sent to the right person. Before sending the proposal you should know who will be the person who will make the decision of whether the proposal is hired or not.

8.Make sure your proposal conveys what you want and that behind the proposal there is a team capable and prepared to lead the project, trust and creativity are drops and sparkles that will help to give a touch. If you do, you will win a lot of cont