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How to improve communication in a company

September 27, 2019
How to improve communication in a company

We all agree that communication is a fundamental part of our lives, and therefore essential within the company, both among managers, among workers, or between managers and workers. It is convenient that it is fluid and bilateral, so that all parties know the problems they have so that they can improve them and work better together. Given the importance of communication in the company, in this article of a How we will give you some keys to improve communication in a company.

Steps to follow:

1.Create an intranet or improve the use of the existing one. An intranet functions as an internal connection network between the electronic elements of the company, which each employee can access with their username and password. We can implement sections in which the directors introduce messages that appear to all employees, and where they can give their opinion and show their circumstances, improving the vertical communication of the company.

2.The above can also be taken to the physical level, with boards showing the objectives and other important issues of the company, so that employees know them and take them as part of their work.

3.Hold frequent meetings between the employees of the same department and the heads of different departments, to determine which aspects are working correctly, which must be improved and which synergies can be exploited.

4.Treat all employees equally, since they are all part of the company and have a job to do in it, in which we are all people and equals. No discrimination in the workplace can be allowed.

5.Determine and identify if there are communication problems within the company that we have detected ourselves or other employees, especially those related to slow and expensive bureaucratic procedures. Once identified, we will do our best to expedite these processes.

6.Use email or chats as fundamental and fast means for communication between employees, especially effective and secure if they are integrated into an intranet, as we discussed earlier. With them, we can reach all the partners we need quickly, easily and cheaply.