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How to establish a cooperative society

November 3, 2019
How to establish a cooperative society

Setting up a new business is an option that many people are considering as a possible way out of the crisis, thus generating an increase in self-employment. However, there are many legal ways to create a new company, so sometimes we may have doubts to know the function and how each type is created. So you don’t have this problem, in this article we will explain how to establish a cooperative society.

Steps to follow:

1.In the first place, we will have to know if the name with which we want to call our cooperative already exists. For this we will have to go to the Register of cooperative societies of our autonomous community, where we will request the certificate of denomination that does not coincide. We can do it through the Internet, if we have an electronic certificate, and we can request three different names.

2.In parallel during the creation period, the Constituent Assembly will be held, which will be attended by all those members of the cooperative, and where they must determine the following aspects:

  • Will of the cooperative and members
  • Economic contribution
  • Internal statutes
  • Election of the various positions of responsibility


3.Subsequently we will have to carry out the liquidation of the Tax on Patrimonial Transmissions and Legal Acts, through model 620 that we can find on the website of the Tax Agency.

4.In addition, we will also have to register for the following taxes and procedures:

  • Request the tax identification code
  • High in corporate tax
  • High economic activity tax
  • Opening of accounting books

5.To make the formal constitution of the cooperative, we must present to the Notary all those agreements that the members of the cooperative have reached, as well as everything stated in the Statute of the cooperative, so that they are registered by public deed.

6.Finally, from the creation of the public deed we will have one month to formalize the registration before the Cooperative Registry. It must be in the autonomous region if its activity is located only in an autonomous community, and in the central one if it carries out activities in several autonomous communities.