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How to do the mission and vision of my company

February 6, 2020
How to do the mission and vision of my company

When starting a new business or if we want to reorient the future of our business, there are some concepts of the business world that should not be overlooked, and that can help us determine what we want to achieve with our activity, and under what kind of management we want to do what. For this, there are the so-called mission and vision of the company, which can help us with it.

How to do the mission of a company

The company’s mission is to determine what the company wants to achieve, taking into account the aspirations of the group of people who make it up and organize it, and of the company itself. In other words, knowing what you want to achieve as an operating team and as a company, broadly.

It does not refer to the basic objective of the company, which would be to earn money in any company, but to the specific objectives of our company in particular.

To help us carry out the mission of the company, there are a number of questions that can help us determine our path, and that we must answer in a way that responds to how our company is. They are the following:

  • What is our fundamental objective?
  • What kind of customer are we looking for?
  • What needs do we want to meet?
  • What do we aspire to be?
  • What activities/products do we want to develop?
  • What sector do we want to belong to?
  • What do we want to differentiate ourselves from our competitors?
  • Why do we want to do this?

How to make the vision of a company

The vision of the company is understood as the joint image of what the company should be for the rest of the world, that is, what would be the company that we “dream” of, so that it fulfills a certain function within a society that would be as we want it to be understood.

Determining a concrete vision of our company, we will be able to know what values ​​and ideas will become evident in it, both to give an image to the rest of the world, and to have some pillars on which to stand and make decisions for the future.

There are some questions that can help us ask ourselves what vision we want our company to have:

  • What values ​​do we want for our company?
  • What are the ideas we defend?
  • What image do we want society to have on us?
  • What kind of company do we want to be?
  • What activities would we promote within the company?
  • How do we want to achieve our goals?
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