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How to do a result analysis

February 1, 2020
How to do a result analysis

The analysis of results is the part of the report in which you establish the conclusions of the report. It must be clear and concise since the reader usually gets tired of this part of the essay. This analysis should propose questions on the subject studied and raise new trends and perspectives for future research. We will mark a boarding line and explain how to analyze the results.

Steps to follow:

1. Start with the relationships and generalizations that the results themselves keep with the report. Obviously, the results come from the development of the report, so you must show these relationships in the analysis of results.

2. Point out the unresolved aspects and do not try to hide them. Define what does not add up. In some trials, there may be some result that does not fit or match the development of the research. You must point it out and leave the subject open.

3. Show the relationships of your results with previously published works, and also show the new conclusions of your essay.

4. Explain what are the theoretical bases of the investigation and the possible practical applications that it may have. Where your conclusions come from and what they are for.

5. Formulate the conclusions in detail and clearly.

6. Give recommendations or suggestions if necessary, to facilitate the compression of the report.

7. Finally, summarize the evidence that collects that information as well as the sources.