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How to communicate with employees

December 1, 2019
How to communicate with employees

There are a total of eight principles on communication with workers that management committees should follow. In the current situation, it is essential that employees receive in the correct way all the relevant information with their job. These are the eight tips to managers that good communication management of any type of company should follow to ensure that relations with employees are optimal.

Steps to follow:

1. Always communicating. It is essential to maintain communication with employees and, therefore, fill in these gaps with updated and relevant information. What has to be avoided at all costs are rumors and conjecture.

2. Do not assume that you have control. Today there are so many ways of communication between employees that workers can know almost anything in real-time. Trying to veto something will cause them to find out by another means such as the Internet, blogs or instant messaging, and that is not good for the company.

3. You have to tell employees what will not change. It is a way to build trust. Although the news creates instability, we must show employees that the company’s values, the concept they have of customer service and the way people should be treated, will not change.

4. Be honest with what will change. It’s no use instilling trust with lies. Admit what could happen in the future and discuss it. Anticipating employee concerns often avoids rumors and avoids negative comments.

5. Describe the positive results. It is necessary to make clear what things workers can do to make a difference. If you internalize those behaviors, everything will be better.

6. All managers must be communication leaders. Immediate bosses must also know how to manage business communication in an efficient manner. Thus there will be more exchange between all.

7. Train your employees. A good way to understand what is happening and reduce the uncertainty of workers is to offer specialized training courses in finance, for example. Knowing the environment in which they move, it is more difficult to get carried away by the information that is not understood.

8. Preach by example. It is useless to implant this if you do not do it later. The best way to implement behavior among your workers is to do it yourself. Communication must be clear, constant, and sincere.