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How to be more productive in everyday life

December 27, 2019
How to be more productive in everyday life

Many associate productivities only with the workplace, but in order to successfully carry out all the activities that we set out on a daily basis without the need to postpone everything for the weekend (when we are supposed to have more free time), it is necessary to organize an effective form. How to be more productive in everyday life is a question that many people ask themselves, so we give you some key tips for you to get it.

Steps to follow:

1. Keeping an agenda is one of the best tips to be more productive on a day-to-day basis and is that it not only works so you don’t forget meetings, appointments, and commitments, but it also helps you to create a list of priorities to attend. On paper, everything is clear while in our head there are things we can forget

2. Set periods of time to perform certain tasks without distractions and try to stay in those margins. It is very important to effectively take advantage of all the hours you can in the day both at work and outside of it

3. The concentration is vital, both at work to carry out all tasks successfully, as in your home to get organized. If you are performing a specific task, forget about your mobile phone, computer, Internet, TV and any other factor that could distract you. 20 minutes concentrated are worth more than 1 hour dispersed

4. It is necessary to delegate, if possible in your work do it, you can also apply the advice at home. You should not be the one who takes care of absolutely all tasks when your partner or family can help you, so learn to be an effective manager instead of an exhausted and exhausted worker

5. Take advantage of the dead time, the one you spend waiting for something. In the subway or the bus, while waiting for medical consultation, before an appointment with someone: read a good book, send some pending emails from your mobile, make the shopping list, make some calls. You will feel much more productive than wasting 20 minutes without doing anything, remember time is money

6. Learn to be flexible and not die in the face of setbacks. If at that time you planned you cannot do the activity you want, go to the next one, if an unexpected invitation appears that you want to take advantage of, reorganize your agenda so that you also have the time to enjoy

7. At work avoid working overtime continuously, this far from making you seem more productive could indicate that for some reason you are not fulfilling your day effectively, so check that it is happening and adjust the details, focus and carry out your tasks in the stipulated time for it


  • Our daily productivity depends largely on the organizational capacity we have and the concentration we dedicate
  • Sometimes it can be overwhelming to constantly have a list of earrings, but that’s life, so instead of complaining, work to be as productive as possible.