How to act if I can’t pay a credit


Unfortunately, in the crisis situation we face, the chances of not being able to pay a loan for a long period have increased. This may be the consequence of a series of causes that, with the country’s economic crisis, have increased. But, once the causes have been detected, there are different actions that we can take to solve, in part, the problems of default for long periods of time. In uncommon we tell you how you can act if you cannot pay a credit for a long time.

Steps to follow:

1.If the cause has been the contracting of loans and debts additional to the mortgage that cause a drowning at the end of each month, we can negotiate with the banking entity a unification of the debts with the mortgage. Although this would cause an increase in the years of payment, it would reduce the amount to be paid at the end of each month.

2.If the reason is the increase in the interest rate, which has caused an increase in the mortgage payment, the answer would be to take out insurance, to cushion the increases, or to negotiate an increase in the years with the bank.

3.If the possibility of non-payment over a long period is given by the loss of employment, the bank can offer the possibility of a lack of payment up to a maximum of 2 years.

4.The last option will be the sale of the home, although this should become the last resort and should be avoided in all possible ways.

5.Before reaching the option of selling the house, you have to try to negotiate with the bank some alternative measure.


  • For more information and so you have no doubt, contact your usual or trusted bank.