8 inspiring success stories to encourage you to start your business


The beginnings of these eight entrepreneurs will make you want to start up that idea of ​​a company that is in your head.


In 2012, Hector Jared Amie took the reins of the small upholstery workshop run by his father in Gigging. “When his retirement came, I decided to step forward and quit my job to take over the workshop, redirect his activity to the leather goods and give him an international orientation,” he says.

It was certainly not the best time to undertake in Spain but, instead of being intimidated, Jared Amie raised 20,000 euros with which he began to develop his first products and create a brand image. In addition to the own resources and the 3 F’s, it also had the support of a financial entity, the Cara Rural, which it always quotes as a sign of thanks. The City of Gigging and the Principality of Asturias also contributed to the project “with important strategic support”.

This is how Reliquary was born, a company that designs, manufactures and markets handbags made in Spain . “Our most determined commitment is to design, to a vindictive approach to the referents of architecture and contemporary art, which, as we have seen, is extremely attractive inside and outside our country,” they affirm.

With the artisan workshop based in Gigging, Reliquary has its own store on Serrano Street in Madrid and an eCommerce that operates in the main countries of Europe. The Asian continent and Latin America are also present in its internationalization plans, which is why it plans to open different rounds of financing. The brand was also recognized in December 2018 with the V National Fashion Award in the accessories category. “We create extraordinary bags for extraordinary women,” they say. And although they do not mention it, among their “extraordinary” clients, they say that Queen Dona Leticia is.


The Bridge for billions project is an initiative of Pablo Santeria, an Asoka entrepreneur who sees in business creation the best way to contribute to social development. So yours is an entrepreneurship support program that helps young people interested in starting a project to validate their business model in 90 days.

Bridge for billions is a global incubator and 100% online. The program they have developed to boost entrepreneurship is called The Leap (the jump). It is structured in 8 modules that guide the entrepreneur to create, step by step, his business plan by the hand of a mentor. The only price paid by the program beneficiaries is € 450, enough to cover the maintenance costs of the platform.

Through it, entrepreneurs in any sector cover the learning of the initial phase: the conceptualization, the validation of the idea and the development of the minimum viable product. To do this they put at your disposal mentoring offered voluntarily by other entrepreneurs from all over the world. In total there are more than 18 hours of personalized mentoring following the ‘learning by doing’ methodology in addition to group sessions each week. They also provide students with 8 business development tools (value proposition; strategic partner map; competitor map; business model and price strategy; financial projections; key activities and sales; growth plan and social impact) . Once the 8 modules have been completed, the entrepreneur can download the document to “present his idea to the world” (investors, competitions, meetings …). The other great advantages of the program are to integrate into a global entrepreneurial community as well as a network of investors and attend the seed capital prize. And all for nothing because they don’t even intend to ask you for shares in your company.

Bridge for billions launches a call every month in the 58 countries registered. They have hundreds of mentors who have incubated, for now, 900 entrepreneurs and 580 business projects of which 83% remain active, 46% founded by women.


Lola Pisa has set itself the objective of recovering the artisan craft as a dressmaker and she does it through her sewing workshop: Al thimble. This is a small workshop that now includes 9 professionals, from which it is intended to recover and value the craftsman craft trade. This is: someone who is able to assemble a garment from 0 to 100, from the moment the pattern is conceived until the zipper is rewound.

The concept is to create a reference workshop with a support structure for the development of samples of great designers, make small productions and custom orders or on-demand services for individuals. Behind every development there is a remarkable effort in R&D that the client does not always know how to appreciate and a very intensive business model in terms of the workforce that Lola Pisa has a hard time making profitable. “That is the main handicap,” says the founder.

To also say that Lola Pisa does not link the art world from that of technology. On the contrary, it defends the pairing between them. “We automate as far as we believe that labor can be replaced, as is the pattern, and, for the rest, I have the most advanced machinery.”

But, beyond the business model and technology, there is the awareness with the textile professional in terms of improving their working conditions and recovering their dignity and pride in the trade. “I think that in Al thimble we still do not charge what we deserve, but I hope to get it one day.” The company invoices from the first moment thanks to the contacts of Lola Pisa throughout many years in the trade. Among its clients are the likes of Roberto Verizon, Dolores Pro mesas, and Antonio Alvarado, Juan Olivia … and many more, some public and others who prefer to avoid the provider in the ‘credits’.


In Cloaca Design they won the prize for the most innovative product of the year in the 2017 edition of TED Gift Experience. It is a folding helmet to ensure safety in the urban use of bicycles. The idea is of Carlos Fernando, CEO and founder of Cloaca, a design company but, above all, with values ​​and a firm commitment to the care of the planet.

As a product, the helmet works. It has a special reception in the markets of Germany and the USA and is already distributed in high-level boutiques, such as Mona Design Store, Adidas or Paul Smith, among others. But the final intention of the idea is to promote the use of the bicycle as a means of locomotion in cities and thus alleviate air pollution. The other product launched by Cloaca with a similar purpose is Cloaca Bottle, a water bottle that wants to contribute to the reduction of plastics that harm our planet. Oriented to cyclists, but valid for everyone, Cloaca has also developed an app that helps you travel to identify the nearest water sources to fill it.

This is how they try to inspire and motivate change attitudes through design by creating products with meaning for you generating a positive impact on the planet and how you are able to inspire others to join the change. In the opinion of Carlos Fernando, it is a responsibility of the new entrepreneurs to seek the use of their talent and skills to benefit a better world. He tries to do it.


Another woman, this time much more technological, leads the Slides Carnival solution through which Jimenez Catalina Goya offers free PowerPoint templates and Google Slides themes to make your presentations with a professional design. This is how he manages to bill more than 200,000 euros a year with four hours of dedication per week. The rest of the working time is reserved by this freelance to other web design commissions, in addition to taking care of her daughter, playing the clarinet, illustrating children’s books and writing cookbooks with her husband, Alfonso Lopez. With him he also set up, a few years ago, a blog of cooking recipes, “recuperate ‘, one of the most popular and profitable on this subject.

In the midst of his professional projects, Jimenez was surprised by the disease, at age 35. The same thing that anyone who has been working for a long time and charging little was raised, is that really what I want to do with my life? And the answer is that he would like to do something that reverses order, work less and earn more, without the need to aspire to opulence. That is what he has achieved with Slides Carnival whose idea arose as a result of advising his brother to the presentation of the end-of-career work. That’s when he realized that “he had some ability for these things.”

Slides Carnival starts it in 2015 and in March 2017 it already publishes a post in Medium titled “Slides Carnival, when the flute plays in a “side project “and the subtitle “Review of a personal project that generates an average of € 5,500 / month after 2 years”. I had achieved immense traffic coming, above all, from teachers and students of the Google Education Program in the United States who teach there how to make good presentations. Today, it receives more than 2 M of visits per month and 6 M of page views, offers more than a hundred templates to which it adds one or two each week. Revenue comes through advertising.


Manfred is a platform for technological talent that seeks the best positions for its candidates. David Bouillon, its founder, is, in addition to a repeat entrepreneur, a programmer who has many supporters in the community thanks to his open work and the strong defense of those who practice this trade.

In a labor market where companies are accustomed to publishing a job advertisement and receiving hundreds of applications, it is striking that in the world of computer science and digital recruiters have to go fishing outside the job portals. This is what Bouillon refers to when she talks about the new paradigm in a profession, that of computer programmers, where unemployment barely reaches 4% and where most work in very beneficial conditions

Taking into account that there are, on the one hand, professionals who want to find good jobs and to their liking and who do not know how and, on the other, companies that offer good jobs but do not know how to reach those people, conceives David Bouillon Manfred, a marketplace that puts both parties in contact, although he prefers to define himself as a representative of the programmers, just like those of the players.

“Let’s say Manfred acts as an interpreter between talent and companies. Being a very specialized area, many times HR managers do not know what profiles they really need. In addition, there are companies that do not receive a single curriculum because they do not know how to sell the job. ” But it is not in the business model where the Bouillon project innovates, but in the adaptation to that new labor paradigm. “The scarce resource that was, so far, the job has become the qualified professional so what we have done has been to turn everything around and put the worker in the center, not the offer.”

As for the way to monetize, the original idea was to pay the company every time he filled the position. “But then we decided to give it a different touch by putting the accent on the employee again. In other words, it is the professional who decides who pays because there are programmers who prefer to pay them so that they look for a job more suited to their tastes or interests without anyone knowing. This small change makes the technician not a product, but a customer. I cannot offer any company a candidate without first obtaining their express consent. This is a trusted business. ”


Zeros is a startup born at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, the only national startup that participates in the development of Hyper loop. According to its own description, Hyper loop is a new method of land transport that transports passengers and goods at speeds greater than 1000 km / h inside vacuum tubes by magnetic levitation.

In 2015, the founders won the Best Design Award in the competition organized by Spaces, by Elton Musk, in the United States. It is the only Spanish company, one of the 3 European and 6 globally, developing a hyper loop system. Its differential is the optimization of vehicle technologies, reducing the cost of maintenance, operation and infrastructure construction (around 30%), resulting in a more salable, global and profitable system.

According to the Spanish prototype, “which combines aerodynamic propulsion with the magnetic levitation of the upper part of the vehicle”, the Hyper loop could reach speeds of between 1,000 and 1,200 km / h after having extracted the air from the tubes to eliminate friction, with an energy consumption lower than the current means of transport and where human error disappears because they are unmanned vehicles, with a frequency of between 3-4 minutes. The risk of chain collision is avoided with the interconnection of the capsules. Of course, we forget the windows and exhaust systems in case of an accident. The security system would be similar to that applied in the aviation industry, based primarily on prevention and permanent control dynamics.

Imagine that a customer enters a pharmacy associated with the Co fares group of the district of La Latina at 12 in the morning to buy baby diapers and, while remaining in the establishment, is viewing content on a screen installed at the counter related to other items of consumption for babies while, at the same time, receiving messages on the mobile phone announcing promotions or launches that might be of interest. The usual reaction is to take advantage of the moment and take on impulse that second or third article that they recommend but that, in principle, did not appear in their intention to purchase. Also say that the same customer who, by chance, goes at the same time but in another pharmacy also associated with Co fares,

With this example we want to illustrate the solution that, broadly speaking, offers in Dorian, a technology-based company that defines itself as “a software factory, specialized in the distribution of content in digital environments effectively”. So effective that, according to its executive director, Alejandro Gutierrez-Bolivar, they are able to increase the sales of the establishments between 40 and 70%. Documentation is not lacking because there are already thousands of businesses that have their monitors installed with offices in Italy, the United Kingdom, Portugal and Colombia.

Television monitors, usually 43 inches, are installed at the counter or at other points with a content distribution system connected to the information of the points of sale terminals, lathes, access doors to the building or the stock of the stores and, according to all this, the contents are modified. There is also the connection to mobile phones of users who choose to register. This is how they measure the impact on consumers of the audiovisual content they are broadcasting on the screen, their ability to mobilize and boost consumption, serving as support for real-time decision making. “Simultaneously, we improve the user experience by moving eCommerce strategies inside the physical store that is still crucial for the real customer loyalty. It is the temple of the brand, “says Gutierrez-Bolivar.

The use of Machine Learning and Big Data allows them to accumulate a multitude of data that provide an exhaustive knowledge of the consumption patterns of each establishment and of each client adjusting to them the audiovisual contents. The results and conclusions obtained are transferred to the owner of the establishment to optimize its management and the stock according to its peculiarities and predictive analyzes segmented by sex, age, echolocation…

The standard service consists of a Saar (software as a service) that they license in the establishments monthly or annually. They also offer the option of renting. The cost is between 150-200 euros per month per establishment considering that the Dorian solution is much more recommended for franchises or chain stores than for a particular business.