14 good business ideas if you want to start without partners or employees


We offer you a series of good ideas to implement if you have decided to undertake alone.


It consists of creating an online community around a specific theme, getting renowned members to join it to increase the cache of the participants and, from there, start charging any interested party who wants to be part of that exclusive club what have you generated? Success story in Spain is Bosch Sol er with its Nonofficial online co working space, “a community of creative, online entrepreneurs and digital nomads that grows, creates and learns together”. The community is already made up of more than 350 professionals. The payment to become part of it and provide value to the community is 19.90 euros per month, cheaper if the payment is annual.

The best thing about this business, apart from not needing anyone to boost it, is that it does not require a large infrastructure or high technological knowledge. It is enough to know how to handle whats app or other communication tools such as Slack to energize a community and charge for its management.


It is a sector that does not stop growing. But the business opportunity is not only in establishments specialized in the marketing of DIE items, but also in online channels that train users in this practice. Take the Cambrian case as an example. Founded by the Catalan Luis Serra, which began as a small physical DIE, hardware and gardening store located in Monte (Barcelona), it became an example of excellence in Internet and social networks. So much so that now Serra is running as a guru of digital entrepreneurship and, as such, offers lectures and courses for other entrepreneurs interested in digitizing their traditional businesses. His is also the book ‘Stories of a intriguer’.


According to entrepreneur Tyler Astringent, a micro Saar (software as a Service) business is “a Saar business oriented to a niche market, run by a very small person or team, with small costs, a limited focus, and a small user base but very delivered and without external financing”. The example founded by Astringent, Store mapper, owns a store location application to help its customers find their products and does not require coding for their website. Already in Spain, another example of such a company is Kiwanis, founded by Angel Rodriguez. Kiwanis is a suite of low cost SEE tools to analyze keywords, analyze the see on page of a website and analyze Google results quickly and easily.

A business or micro Sass product focuses on solving a problem in a niche market, using minimal resources and run by one or two people. Micro-Sass products are usually complementary to existing platforms or developments, created with the aim of improving a non-existent feature or improving a Sass product already on the market.


It is said that the gardener is one of the few trades that cannot be robotic. That is to say, that it is one of the traditional professions with more future taking into account, in addition, that measures against climate change will increasingly favor the presence of green spaces. No, it is not worth anyone for the mere fact that he likes plants and contact with nature. A qualification is needed – the more trained you are the better – and a special capacity for observation and sensitivity because gardening, in addition to a trade, is an art.


Due to life’s circumstances, Ike Ottawa, specialized in Image and Sound, ended up working in a family business that operates as a canine residence and distributor of pet food. In parallel, he took the opportunity to train as a dog educator in different specialties, until he decided to establish himself as a freelancer. The first orders came as a dog walker, but the same clients who hired him for this service, then began to assess his qualities as a specialist in correcting certain behaviors or conditions of dogs, such as anxiety, fears, food … The initial strategy was to reinvest everything invoiced by riding later, with his wife, Byzantine Sara, Bifurcation, a dog groomer that also adds training services and the sale of natural products for dogs and cats. They have worked very well mouth-ear so this year they have been encouraged to undertake territorial expansion beyond their native Copeland (Biscay). For this they have changed the name of the company, now Lola and Tate, and have modernized the design of the website to make their eCommerce more attractive through which they distribute natural food for dogs and cats as well as handmade accessories and other items for pets.


Medium is one of the few blogging platforms that offers the possibility of making money writing on them, but not all. Convinced that quality content must be paid by readers and not by advertisers, the site created by the same founders of Twitter, Evan Williams and Biz Stone , has since 2017, the possibility of joining the so-called expanding the medium partner programmed earn money from the authors of quality content. Of course, what you’re not going to do is a millionaire. “When you join the program, you will have the option to publish your story only for medium-sized members (who pay $ 5 per month) and will receive a payment based on the commitment,” they say on the platform. They also remember that the more applause a restricted publication receives, the greater the membership fee the author will receive.


It is true that there are very few writers who manage to make a living by dedicating themselves only to this, but if you are one of those who are convinced that you can, it has been a long time since your professional future no longer depends on the opinion of the publishers. Now it is the same readers who determine the contents that interest them through digital platforms such as Amazon and the writers who edit their own books, through platforms such as Kindle, Bubo or Lulu.

This was the route chosen by Jesus Cast ell s to publish two books. Cast ells used Create Space to publish the printed book as well as the digital version. For this he had the service of a layout artist and the help of a designer friend who made the cover.

“Once the desktop publishing is finished, you decide where you want to sell and the price of the book in each format,” explains Cast ells. In the specific case of Amazon, one of those preferred by the authors, once the corresponding payments for the edition have been made, the distribution of benefits for each book you sell is 40% for the platform and 60% of the profits for the author, a percentage that, according to Cast ells, exceeds the usual in publishers.


The entrepreneur Daniel Suez offers through its website professional voice over services in Spanish and Catalan. This is the professional output that this freelance sound technician has found with his own recording studio in a digital environment where the voice becomes increasingly important. Most of the orders made are for corporate spots, such as Tu Looter or Skier, but they have also received orders for switchboards, audio logs, audio books, e-learning … As an online speaker, Daniel Sanchez’s commitment is to deliver to the client, upon payment, the phrase by mail within a maximum period of 24/48 hours. As for the rates established for 2019 by this professional, they can be consulted on their website but, to name an example,


Obviously, becoming an online marketing expert is not something that is achieved overnight. As in any trade, it has a high learning curve, but if you manage to specialize in this segment and get an authority name, the options of working as you please with the clients you want, increase considerably. This is the case of Victor Campanology, entrepreneur and expert in digital marketing tools and “rapid startup growth”.

Although he says he does not believe in “magic tricks” and yes “in hard work, strategic focus and precise execution” Victor Campanology set out to earn a good living without giving up family reconciliation, growth and education of his daughter or to contact with nature, so now he works remotely from Murcia for only three clients with whom he says he invoices an average of 60,000 euros a year (don’t forget to deduct taxes)

Getting to where it is has not been easy. First he has had to train continuously until he acquires the category of expert and, second, he has had to gain the trust of the clients, many at first to monetize and be able to stay, then, only with the best three.


Basically it consists of registering in one of the multiple existing affiliation platforms and creating web pages where you recommend a specific product or service. Every time, through that page that you have created, you can redirect the end customer to the company and make a purchase, you charge a commission. Among the best known platforms that work with affiliate programs are Amazon, but others like Doubleheader or Win can also be interesting

David Moral, co-founder responsible for Agency Digital Coronal, is one of those who combines his usual activity in the agency with the affiliation business to obtain additional income from Amazon. The main drawbacks for those who think of making a living like this stand out: the learning curve, since you must have web knowledge to create the affiliation pages in addition to having basic notions of SEE positioning; the slow profitability and the impossibility of climbing.


Aurelio Moreno is the promoter of the project the image oriented to training in photography. Moreno started the business in 2016 online. The initial communication channel was the blog, a podcast and social media activity. “My project was not born dedicating me full time to it, so the growth has been slower. Even so, I have been gradually increasing my turnover, creating services and training products, so that the annual turnover of 2019 is about € 10,000. With the learning of the needs of my clients and the expansion of my training offer, I hope to bill about double in 2020,”he says.

His example shows that undertaking a business with these characteristics alone is possible, but the learning curve is high and the precise investment is not so low, even less if you choose to combine the physical environment with the online one. As for the main barriers it recognizes, the excess of competition stands out. “There is already a lot of competition and there are products and services at very low prices. In our country, it is sometimes difficult for people to realize that investment in trans formative training is one of the best investments that can be made. Much more than allocating most of the budget to the team, for example,” he says.


It is a shopping service that targets those people who, due to lack of time or taste, delegate the choice of clothing to professionals. So the job of the personal shopper is basically to buy clothes for others or to accompany them as a guide in their tour of the stores. This business, which at first sight seems to be available to everyone, is not so simple. The first challenge is to gain the trust of the client, both with physical presence and online reputation. The influences phenomenon is added as a barrier some of which are true masters of network sales. On the other hand, experts recommend not considering the activity as an extra job since, being a personalized service, it requires a lot of time and availability. Also, if you manage to extend your recommendations to other areas outside of image consulting, such as protocol or personal branding, you can increase the value of your service. Although there are companies that offer this service, the names of women such as Marta San Miguel or Emilia DE Handbill predominate on the Internet, to name an example.


The sale of jewelry online is something that does not take off, however some have succeeded. An example is the case of Mara Sanchez Jimenez, promoter of Sadism, an e-commerce of ceramic jewelry that she creates. For the elaboration by hand of the pieces, it has a small workshop in Murcia from where it sells its designs to the whole world.

Rocco Aguinaldo also has a small workshop in Valencia from which ceramic jewelry, murals and artistic reproductions work, among others. Aware that the value of his work is better appreciated in the physical world than in the online environment, Rocco Aguinaldo chooses to move with his work to different fairs and exhibit them live. And although we think that today the digital presence weighs more than the personal one, Rocco Aguinaldo has participated in seminars, exhibitions and ceramics forums and has won numerous awards and thousands of clients, some of the likes of the Recycling Foundation for which he designs and prepares the prizes it delivers annually.


If you like dealing with people, you are in love with the city where you live and think you know all its secrets and the best kept corners, you can establish yourself by offering a tour guide service. Infrastructure and economic investment do not need much, but originality and ingenuity to let tourists know about your existence before disembarking in the city. Ricardo Dominguez is presented as “official tourist guide in Madrid + Local journalist” so that in his guides he links historical data with others of current informative interest. For this, he has configured different thematic routes such as the Madrid DE loci Austria, the Madrid DE loci Bones or the Madrid Medieval.

Also warn that, although there is the possibility of establishing itself as a free tour providing the service in exchange for the will of tourists, working as an official guide requires a title and other requirements that vary in each Autonomous Community, warns Ricardo Dominguez. In the case of Madrid, for example, a prior examination is required to obtain the official title that gives you access to certain monuments, such as those corresponding to National Heritage. The other leg of the business to which this entrepreneur dedicates a good part of his time is digital, updating the content of his website and staying very active in the networks. Hence, yours is among the first options of search engines.